Working together for better online stores

Magento’s default product search is a good starting point. To give your store a boost with regard to search results accuracy and usability, it’s recommended to have a solution up your sleeve which works reliable and fast. That is where our Solr integration for Magento stores comes into play.

When you have convinced your customer of our Magento extension, we would like to reward you.

20% Commission

For each successful referral you receive 20% of the invoiced amount. The commission is paid out as soon as the customer has paid the bill. For us it doesn’t matter if you are the project managing agency, a freelancer or hosting provider.

No Obligations

This partner program has no strings attached. There are no minimum quantities nor any complicated rules. If a new IntegerNet_Solr customer is due to you, you receive the commission.

Ongoing Consultation

You know your customers and their online stores better than we do, so you remain the primary contact for any general questions. If you have detailed questions about IntegerNet_Solr, we are here to help.

Here is how it works

For a single referral you can use the form below to name the customer that is due to you. We only need the customer’s URL and your contact data.
For multiple referrals please get in touch via email to

You would like to order the extension on behalf of your client? Please use this site and use the comment field to tell us if you would prefer to have the commission amount transfered to your company or to have the commission subtracted from the invoiced amount on the store owner’s invoice.

Register a single referral


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