IntegerNet_Solr finds the best matches for any search term. Applying an Intelligent Search Algorithm, Typos, compound search terms or synonyms are handled with ease.

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Magento’s default product search covers the basics of a search engine. But when the search term is more difficult, e.g. when it consists of two words, Magento’s search results are disappointing.
Our extension uses a search algorithm that has been further developed by us. It delivers the most relevant search results for any search term, even for typos.

Relevant Search Results

Returns Results at Record Speed

Increased load times mean less orders. Break the cycle with super fast search results.

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Product search is in a predicament: on the one hand, it is often used by those visitors who already know what they want – their willingness to buy is significantly above average. On the other hand, search results are newly calculated for any search request – that takes time.
Instead of letting Magento perform the search, requests are processed by external, especially optimized Solr servers and displayed in the Magento online store at great speed.

You can suggest more to your visitors than just search terms. Products, categories, attributes, CMS pages – guide them to their goal using search suggestions as a shortcut.

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In every Magento store, you can have search term suggestions. Based on search terms entered by other website visitors, your customers get ideas what to look out for.
IntegerNet_Solr does not just take a single step but a leap forward: Additional product suggestions show matching results even before the search term has been completely entered. Two letters are enough. Categories and attributes can be suggested, too. That is especially helpful if the search term does not only match a specific product but a whole product series. Also, CMS pages are available for search suggestions, guiding your customers to fitting product info pages or your service offerings.

Instant Search Suggestions

Seamless Integration

IntegerNet_Solr adopts your store’s native design and gives you endless possibilities to finetune its look & feel.
With its granular configuration possibilities IntegerNet_Solr adjusts to your store’s unique features – not the other way around.

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Product search is an integral part of your store. Therefore, it adopts the native design of your shop. And since each store has its own characteristics, we have integrated a substantial configuration section in this Magento extension. Finetune search results, autosuggestions, indexed contents, special features, and more!

Decide which sites are indexed to get a head start at search engine optimization. Search results pages of your store don’t need to clutter your Google results.

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While various filtered search results pages are helpful for your site’s visitors, they can get in the way of your SEO aims. Even when it’s not duplicate content, having similar pages indexed may negatively affect your Google ranking.
Therefore, IntegerNet_Solr comes with settings that help you improve your store’s ranking in search engines, for example by giving directions to exclude search results pages from Google’s index.

SEO Support for Your Store

Performance Boost for Categories

Large categories with many products can have very high load times. Why not employ the Solr index to fill up the product list? Reduce load times to less than 1 second.

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Even with activated caches, category pages containing many products can have very high load times. In order to no longer rely on Magento’s database to calculate product lists, IntegerNet_Solr includes the option to calculate product lists by Solr.
Even for categories with 100,000 products and activated attribute filters, in our test of IntegerNet_Solr page load times were less than one second.[1]

With IntegerNet_Solr, you get a high quality extension that is made with extendability in mind. The source code is completely unencrypted and comes with integration tests. It is exclusively designed and developed by certified Magento developers in Germany.

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Our modules are meticulously developed, so you can easily customize them to fit changing needs. We are a member of ExtDN, the Magento Extension Developers Network, which consists of leading Magento extension providers. ExtDN members are committed to offer innovative, high quality extensions and share a common vision regarding a thriving Magento ecosystem. And that is what we do with IntegerNet_Solr.

High Code Quality