Logo: Villeroy & Boch
The famous manufacturer of finebone china and ceramics has its origins in 1748. Their customers use IntegerNet_Solr to navigate the wide range of tableware collections and decorative porcelain items.
Logo: POLO Motorrad
At full speed, POLO, a merchant of motorcycle equipment, customised its full catalog based on IntegerNet_Solr. Not only is it used as the product search, but Solr also delivers vast product lists on category pages. The online store thereby greatly improved its speed and performance.
Logo: 1st in Coffee
As a supplier of high quality coffee machines, 1st in Coffee have a fine eye for detail and user experience. To make the customer’s journey to the best product match as convenient as possible, the extensive autosuggest feature of IntegerNet_Solr is employed, offering relevant products, categories and brands in just 168 milliseconds.
Logo: Vitamin Express
Healthy nutrition is a complex topic. VitaminExpress has put a lot of effort into providing information on CMS pages. With the integration of IntegerNet_Solr, these CMS pages are featured for matching search terms in the autosuggest window.
Logo: Sizzix
With product names that contain words and numbers, Sizzix’ online store for DIY equipment needed a search engine that would handle these requests properly. Our Magento extension enabled them to get the most of Solr’s powerful customizable search algorithm.
Logo Wein-Konzept
Cabernet Sauvignon, Melon de Bourgogne, Montepulciano – the grape varieties at German wine supplier Wein-Konzept sound lovely. They also call for a search that handles typos with ease to prevent any frustration for users. The configurable fuzzy search sensitivity IntegerNet_Solr finds the right products for misspelled keywords.
Logo: VIP Plaza
VIP Plaza the leading online discount retailer for fashion and lifestyle products in Indonesia. The product search has to keep up with a remarkably high inventory turnover. Working with two Solr cores, IntegerNet_Solr can split the tasks of indexing and searching between these two cores to offer an always up-to-date search index.
Logo: State Supply
B2B product search has to cater to a target audience that often knows exactly which product they need. The same applies to State Supply’s customers. So without any further ado or detour, upon entering the SKU as a search term IntegerNet_Solr takes you directly to the matching product’s page.
Logo: SRS Microsystems
SRS Microsystems provide a wide range of cameras and accessoires. They employ IntegerNet_Solr’s filter features to make it easier for anyone to find the right camera, even if you are not sure yet what kind of camera you are looking for.