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integer_net – Magento agency in Germany

IntegerNet_Solr is the offspring of integer_net, a Magento focussed agency located at the western border of Germany. While the main business for our agency is the development of Magento stores and extensions, we also offer Magento trainings and consulting services, such as security checks and code quality analyses.

Following in the footsteps of integer_net’s co-founder Andreas von Studnitz, the whole team at integer_net is involved in the Magento community. We contribute to Magento StackExchange, we organize Magento events such as the Magento Meetup Aachen and MageUnconference, we share our knowledge in our blog and in person at a variety of Magento focussed events. This engagement has been officially honoured in 2017 and 2018, when both Fabian and Sonja were awarded as Magento Masters. In 2019, Andreas was awarded with as Magento Master as well.

the team of integer_net

The IntegerNet_Solr Core Team

If you have any questions regarding IntegerNet_Solr, they have the answers.
Andreas von Studnitz

Andreas von Studnitz

Fabian Schmengler

Fabian Schmengler

Sonja Riesterer

Sonja Franz

The History of IntegerNet_Solr

When one of our clients asked for a Solr integration, we combed through all available integrations at that time. None of them met our requirements regarding features and code quality. So we decided to build our own Solr integration for Magento.
We have plenty of experience with Magento, but at that time we felt like we could use some more knowledge of Solr in order to build something sound. The first step therefore was a Solr training.
Afterwards, we set off to build the most professional Solr extension for Magento. With a thorough approach to documentation and high quality code we have built an integration that is easy to install, maintain and extend.
This module has also inspired us to plenty of blog posts and talks. For example, when Fabian took up the challenge to reform the existing Magento 1 module and turn it into an extension that follows the framework agnostic approach, preparing it for Magento 2, he wrote a whole series of blog posts about it and presented the framework agnostic approach at different Magento centric events, such as the Developers Paradise.

What’s next for IntegerNet_Solr?

We continue to improve the Solr extension in collaboration with our clients. Some of their feature requests turn up in our extension’s roadmap, some feature requests are turned into separate modules individually made for one client.
If you like what you see of IntegerNet_Solr up to now but your project requires more of the search integration, let us talk about it and see if we can find a way to accomplish your goal. We are always interested to hear about your project’s requirements and ideas. Drop us a line!